Objects of the Trust :-

The income of the Trust fund shall be applied by the Trustees for any one or more of the following objects of the Trust in such amount and in such manner and at such intervals after mentioned, in their absolute discretion decide

To give scholarships to boys and/or girls reading in schools, colleges in India and abroad, subject to the consent of Foreign Exchange Authorities, and to give them help whether for Boarding, lodging, books, fees (whether they may be reading or studying in some affiliated school, college or not.)

To donate money in repairs of temples, statues and places of public importance or religious and educational institutions, as for instance, Mosques, Gurdawaras, Sabha or Pravachan Bhawans, Yogysshalas, Reading Rooms, Libraries Places of Antiquity, Hostels, Institutions of or for imparting education physical and cultural societies or other like institutions by whatever name they may be called

To give help on the occasion of natural calamities such as fire, typhoons, floods, famine, quakes, volcanic irruption’s, accidents or like and to open relief works as and when needed or considered necessary by the Trustees

To give maintenance allowance to widows, crippled and/or orphans or to children whose parents or guardians are unable to support them or to educate them

To help by giving donations or monthly or annual sums to Orphanages, Hospitals, Aushadhalayas, Dispensaries, Homeopathic or other similar Institutions, whether Govt. aided or not

To help Sporting clubs and Rifle clubs throughout India; to help the Institutions encouraging tournaments or holding National Fairs, Sports, Cultural shows and doing such activities as are ultimately for the development and good of the Motherland

To help fairs and exhibitions and youth rallies, to award scholarships, trophies, or like; to help other Institutions by giving donations for similar activities and purposes

To hold, organise and arrange religious fairs and functions such as Deshehra, Deepavali, Gopashtmi, Basant Panchmi, Holi, Durga, Sarswati and kali Pujas, Teej, Baisakhi, Makar Sankranti, Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhi Nirwan Tithi, Gandhi Mela, Buddha Jayanti, Mahevir Jayanti, Moharrum, X’ma, Id, Good Friday, Ganesh Chaturthi and any such other Jayantis and Melas and functions including independence Day and Republic Day functions and gatherings, cattle shows; and to donate for the expenses incurred or to be incurred in such functions and things

To found or help institutions intended for preventing cruelty to animals; to give help or assistance, whether in Lump sum or otherwise, to the Institutions such as Gaushalas, Zoos, Veterinary Dispensaries, Hospitals, Mobile Dispensaries

To give donations to other charitable institutions doing relief work for the benefit of the public

To give monthly or annual fixed sums to needy patients for their nutrition or treatment whether individually or through some Hospital; whether such hospitals are private or public and whether they are run by Govt. or not and whether they are aided by Govt. or not and whether they are aided by some local authority or not; and to provide their milk, fruits, vegetables and/or clothings

To help and found the religious and/or charitable Institutions meant for philanthropic purposes or for advancement or learning or for advancement of the country educationally and scientifically, for eradicating avils to the society or imparting education for service to the motherland India and the humanity or institutions working for World peace

To help or found the institutions meant for development of the youth or the country physically, culturally, Socially, Scientifically or otherwise

To give help in marriages, obsequies ceremonies or poor people, to help orphans, cripples, blind, deaf dumb, paralysed or persons suffering from mental or bodily ailments; to provide Ambulance cars or to help any Institution or society or body of persons to have a fire brigade or ambulance

To provide for the maintenance and upkeep of wells, tanks, pohs, Lakes, Diggis, Kunds and Bawris and to get dug new ones; to provide for filtered water to human beings, or animals or birds or serving cold water in summer at the Railway Stations, Bus Stands and on Kutcha and Pucca Roads and ways

To donate in public funds and for public purposes