Aims of Trust

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HH Maharaja Ganga Singhji

To impart education.

To grant Scholarships

To collect, maintain, acquire, take and give on loan and preserve manuscripts, paintings and arts (including objects of arts and archives) and to maintain and preserve national and historical monuments

To carry on and promote research work

To provide facilities and to help games, sports, physical training, swimming, Tennis, Football, Billiards, Cycling and Golf Competitions and other such activities

To help or help to create and organise dramatic societies, dances and other cultural activities and audio-visual performance

To give aid to institutions working for social, moral, intellectual and physical uplift of man

To promote scientific research and to work for scientific advancement

To establish and regulate libraries and to give aid to them

To preserve the ancient and important objects, objects of arts and to set up museums

To amalgamate such Trusts as are conducive to the objects herein before mentioned provided the name and the objects of this Trust remain unaltered

To give the Trust premises for University or for suitable educational purposes or for any major Defence and/or foreign affairs Academies Government office and to organise such organizations

To provide aid for institutions and individuals connected with work of moral uplift of man

To provide aid to cenotaphs

To create and help humanitarian societies or activities

To help students for advanced studies or training abroad

To help all creative activities

To help in modernising and constructing hospitals and in buying modern life-saving equipments

To help digging of lakes, channels, wells and to develop and harness water resources

To aid persons and the families of defence, police and other forces killed or disabled in war

To provide funds for people affected by natural calamities like famines, floods and earthquakes, etc

To work for the upliftment of down-trodden and weaker sections of society including the scheduled castes and tribes, minorities, women, the sick and the infirm

To aid the families of civilians, killed or disabled in war and accidents

To work in co-operation with the Societies, Trusts, Agencies and individuals for promoting human welfare and to do all and everything that is necessary or expedient to fulfil the above objects of the Trust provided that in no event whatsoever any animal or bird shall be slaughtered in the Trust property.